Feverdream: Rainbow Chaser Return & Refund Requests

In-game purchases: An in-game purchase is any item purchased with in-game currency. You can return in-game cosmetics and have your Disco Biscuits returned to you in-game up to 3 times per calendar year. You have 30 days from the purchase to return an eligible purchase.

If you would like to return a cosmetic item, please create a support ticket, and an agent will assist you with your return. Once you have requested a return, please allow some time for your ticket to be reviewed as we are a small team. 

Real money purchases: A refund involves purchases made via one of the platforms with money. Only the platforms are able to assist you with Refunds. Please contact the platform where the purchase was made, they will be able to help. Tangent Universe does not process purchases and is unable to provide refunds.